Windows to the Future – Integrated Solar

August 28, 2008

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed the window of the future by integrating solar collectors directly into the glass pane.  These new windows will not only provide a view and ambient light, but also harness the sunlight to power the home or building they are part of.  MIT engineers report a new approach to harnessing the sun’s energy that could allow just that.

The work, which will be reported in an issue of Science, involves the creation of a unique “solar concentrator.”  “Sun light is collected over a large surface (such as a window) and focused, or concentrated, at the edges,” explains Marc A. Baldo, leader of the work and the Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Career Development Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering.

The end result is that instead of covering the roof of a building with expensive photovoltaic cells (the semiconductor that converts sunlight into electricity), the solar cells only need to be around the edges of a flat glass panel.  In addition, the focused light increases the electrical power obtained from each solar cell “by a factor of over 40,” Baldo says.

MIT VideoThis technology is a huge advancement for solar generation because the system is easy to manufacture, and the MIT development team believes that it could be implemented within three years.  The system could even be added onto existing solar-panel systems to boost their power generation by 50 percent for a low installation cost.  This is a huge developmental step toward reducing the cost of installing solar electricity generation methods into existing buildings.

 Read the complete story, video, images at the MIT Web Site

Energy Efficient Signtronix LED Business Signs

August 28, 2008

Forward thinking energy conscious business owners are always looking for ways to cut expenses and increase revenue. The new wave of LED business signs are doing just that! LED powered displays are popping up all over the business landscape, in both exterior and interior applications.Green Technology – Compared to traditional business signage, the LED display is a power miser.  The average ultra-bright LED only consumes one-tenth of a Watt per light source, and has an average operating life expectancy of 100,000 hours.  This equates to a potential power consumption savings of 95% over other lighting methods, with a life span that is ten times longer.LED ClusterThe new breed of digital signage does not suffer from a loss of brightness in daylight conditions.  Clustering technology (multiple individual LEDs per pixel) that can produce over 10,000 NIT (candle power) of light.  In addition, patented technology’s like Optec Displays “Knife Edge LED” expand the angle of viewing eliminating any loss of viewability when looking at a sign display from the side.

Outdoor Advertising on Steroids – The real business story behind the new LED signs are the results on retail business owners bottom lines.  This new breed of signage delivers a non-static image that can include anything from simple text to full motion video.  In a recent survey it was demonstrated that an electronic message center sign could capture the attention of over 90% of the drive-by traffic.  Compare that to a static or non-lit signage that generates an average of 10% recognition, according to the Small Business Administration.Outdoor advertising expert Jim Callahan states it simply, “In my 30 years of experience consulting business owners, the new LED signs are the most effective, least expensive form of advertising for the small business owner.  I am getting reports of business owners getting customer traffic increases of 25% to 50% on a regular basis with these products!”

LED Outdoor Advertising Makes and Saves Money at the Same TimePower to The People – California based manufacturer Signtronix is leading the nation in the development and distribution of power saving LED sign products for small business.  By leveraging mass production techniques Signtronix can deliver top quality LED business signage at an entry level price.  The companies products range from interior and window LED signs that require almost no installation, to outdoor displays that can include anything from basic text style messaging to full-blown color and video.

LED signs are controlled and programmed via a remote control or personal computer.  Signtronix Marketing Director, Tom Johnson Jr.  added, “We have paired our product line with easy lease-to-own financing terms putting this technology within reach of every business on the street.”

Going Green for business has never been easier (or more profitable) than it is using todays LED technology paired with advertising products.


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