Green Power 2009 – International Renewable Energy Congress

March 30, 2009

Poznan, Poland – On the 19th-20th May the International Renewable Energy Congress “Green Power 2009″ shall be held in Poznan. It is to be the biggest international event of the renewable energy sector organized in 2009 in Poland. The Congress shall host high representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, European Union Council, the European and world RES organizations, representatives of the Polish Government and the Parliament, representatives of local authorities, representatives of the European research institutions and above all the representatives of the most significant Polish, European and world companies which operate in the sector.

Prestigious Sponsorship The event shall be organized under the patronage of the: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy – Mr. Waldemar Pawlak, Minister of Environment – Professor Maciej Nowicki, Minister of Agriculture – Mr. Marek Sawicki and the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC).

Scope and objectives Congress shall be divided into two parts. The first, entitled “POLITICS and ECONOMY – Perspectives for the world development of renewable energy in Europe and Poland till 2030 and later in the perspective of the world economical crisis” and the second: “FINANCE AND TECHNOLOGY – Modern technologies and financing of the RES investment projects in the times of the economical slowdown”.

It is the main goal of the Congress to discuss the possibilities for the RES sector growth in Poland and European Union in the light of the current economic situation. Moreover, the significance of investments in the renewable energy to stimulate economics, challenges connected with the introduction of a new RES directive and possibilities for the growth of the sector until 2030 are to be discussed.

Organizers: Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy (PIGEO) is an organization of economic self-government, appointed on the 12th of October 2004, bringing together around 70 national and foreign members. This is a group of businessmen who have expressed their will to work together to develop a market for renewable energy sources (RES). It represents companies involved in energy production, preparation and execution of investments and as well advisory and consulting on the use of wind, water, biomass, biogas, geotherm and solar energy, as well as heat pumps. PIGEO is a member of the National Chamber of Commerce (KIG), the European Wind Energy Association (EA), the European Renewable Energy Federation (EREF), the World Alliance for Distributed Energy (WADE) and the Coordinating Council of Polish renewable energy sources (RES PRK).

The Poznan International Fair is the leader of the Polish trade fair. It holds nearly 50% shares of the fair market in Poland and is the second fair organizer in Central and Eastern Europe. As the only city in Poland, Poznan has been included in the global ranking of fair cities AUMA (33 in 2008). Every year, more than 13 200 exhibitors including about 3,000 foreign companies from 70 countries of the world participate in 80 trade fair events organized on the grounds of the Poznan fair. Last year, the shows and exhibitions were also visited by 360,000 attendees, including visitors from abroad. All trade shows, congresses and conferences organized on the MTP grounds are annually visited by over half a million attendees, which makes MTP the leading centre of business tourism in Poland.MTP belongs to an organization bringing together trade fair leaders from all over the world (UFI – Global Association of Exhibition Industry and Centrex – International Association of Statistics fair).

The Congress shall answer following questions: ” What are the prospects for development of RES in Europe? ” What conditions for the development of the RES must be met so that the renewable sources of energy are a realistic answer to the problems related to the energy safety and global warming? ” What technologies have the best development opportunities? ” How the world financial crisis shall affect the development of RES in Poland and Europe?

Business Prospects During this Congress the issue of finance and investment support schemes for RES in the times of the economic slowdown shall be discussed, furthermore, the Congress shall provide analysis of the major barriers to RES market development and current legislative undertakings aimed at improvement of connected with RES environment. During the second day a special theme conference shall take place, which is to be organized along with the Association of Polish Banks and entitled “Financing investment projects in the renewable sector”. Speakers of the conference are experts from public institutions, banks and other financial institutions as well as consulting companies.

“Renewable Energy Sector (RES) has the greatest potential for growth in times of economic downturn and will be the main driver for future growth. Congress will show how to use it in the most efficient way”- believes Mr. Wies?aw Wójcik, President of PIGEO.

ACCOMPANYING EVENTS The Congress shall be accompanied by: International Renewable Energy Trade Fairs (19-21 of May), the adjudication of the National Competition for Young People for the most interesting essay on “Why the world needs energy from renewable sources?” Which is a part of the RES National Promotional Campaign, and the 2nd Forum on Solar Energy Industry and the European Sun Day. Organizers expect several hundred participants to attend.

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Obama’s E.P.A. To Re-examine Bush’s Coal Policies

March 3, 2009

As most people know, in his final hours, ex-President GW Bush’s administration threw a few extra wrenches in the protecting of the natural resources of the nation.  From unlikely oil leases near some of the most pristine parts  of the nation, to carte blanche for coal mining operations and extremely suspect orders that give the USFWS nearly unlimited and  broad-reaching power over what to deem safe to molest.

Recent orders from President Obama’s administration put these last minute actions on hold, while they’re examined and appraised.  If it is determined that they were not acting in the best interest of the People of the United States, it’s likely they’ll be countermanded altogether.  That President Obama would make such an order demonstrates that the U.S. is clearly in much safer, more responsible hands. 

What’s at risk?  Polar bears,  land near National Parks, and now this latest examination of Bush’s instructions that the E.P.A. should NOT consider the effects of pollution when deciding on regulations regarding coal-generated power plants.   Go ahead and blink along with the rest of us as we reread it.  Bush did that?  Yes, he did. 

The past eight years have been hell on the environment.  The previous President clearly held the extremely unscientific view that it doesn’t matter what we do. Lisa Smith, the incoming E.P.A. Administrator, is a breath of fresh air, in that she will have the government looking at the facts and realities, rather than rubber-stamping anything that stands to make money. Obviously, we’re glad to see this. The toll of using carbon-based fuels is clearly unacceptable as well as unnecessary. Some say that the coal and oil industries will take a hit in such circumstances. It’s hard to imagine any other result, but that changes nothing. Plantation owners took a hit, per se, as well, when their ability to own other human beings was revoked as well.

Investing in Green energy sources will make this issue all the more obsolete. It is important that Green energy supporters continue to be outspoken. So long as President Obama continues to have support for this change of direction, he is able to continue to carry us into a new energy age.

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