Going Green – Care For Your Car, Cash for Clunkers

The U.S.’ “Cash for Clunkers” program has ended, effectively paying people who had the most offensive vehicles somewhere between $3500-$4500 USD to buy a new vehicle.  (How nice for them, to have We The People buy so large a chunk of their car for them, while those of us who have been ecologically minded all along pay for our own…)  So that momentary boost to car sales has passed… but the polluting of the planet remains.

We came across this ad from a mechanic in Denver, Colorado, which sparked considerable thought:

Care for the planet? Care for your car.
Care for the Planet?  Care for your car.  CarCareDenver.com

A brief look at some of the ways that statement is true yields that a car which leaks oil is putting the nasty stuff on top of the earth, where it runs into waterways, seeps back into our water table, and poisons other living things.  A car that isn’t tuned properly or has mechanical problems is at LEAST using more fuel than it needs to, often spewing the unburned fuel out the tailpipe.   Cars that are out of adjustment put out a lot more pollution as well, adding to the global climate and pollution problem.    These are just a few of the more obvious aspects.

Until we have electric cars run off of wind, hydro, solar and tide energy sources, we owe it to ourselves and our planet to  keep them running as well as possible, as efficiently as possible.  This doesn’t even cost money.  In fact, it saves!  If you lose 3-4 mpg because the car isn’t running well, you’re polluting, but you’re also tossing a pretty good chunk of change out the tailpipe every time you drive!  So we join the mechanic in saying it:

Care for the planet?  Care for your car!