Tax Incentives Create Jobs

Tax Incentives for Alternative Energy Technologies Create Jobs! 

True story.  The bailout bill of 2008 included some $150 billion in alternative energy incentives.  Not only do those keep solar and wind farms viable, but they also stimulate growth in many other sectors as well.  Take a look at Tesla Motors, the California-based company producing electric cars.  Building electric vehicles may seem like space technology or something for the uber-rich, but it’s not.  In fact, even though there have been a few rough starts, Tesla’s plant in Northern California means thousands of new jobs being created to manufacture those vehicles… and not just the sports car either!  Tesla and others are building cars that will retail for about $16,000 and take you to and from work and the store on pennies a day! 

Wind and Solar farms will also create new jobs, and even more technologies to utilize them and convert our existing devices and technologies over to electric use.  Many of the cars we already have can be repowered to work as full-time electric cars.  There’s even a company making cars that run on compressed air!  Those awesome innovations and far more are ahead, spurred into existence by these Federal tax incentives and state and local government investments into alternative energy sources.  It really is amazing how much we can do, and how quickly we’re doing it, now that we’ve begun to put our heads to it!

Energy Efficient Business-Solatube Solar Sky Lighting

There are two very good reasons why creating an energy-efficient business is a good idea.  The first is obvious, because energy-efficient office buildings are easy on the environment and eco-friendly, and the second is because using less energy is great for the bottom line of any business that wants to save some money.  There is absolutely no reason to pay overpriced energy costs, when you can make your business energy-efficient much more easily.  The following is a simple list of hints and tips for reducing the amount of energy that your company consumes on a daily basis.

Office Equipment:

You can save as much as $35 every year for every single computer in your office building simply by selecting equipment with an Energy Star logo.  Energy Star brand office equipment will automatically go into sleep mode in order to consume less power.  You can save more than $100 a year simply by switching all of the office equipment before you go home at the end of the day.  Leaving all of this equipment on unnecessarily can increase your bills significantly every year.  You can save as much as 80-percent of your energy bill simply by installing compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of the standard light bulbs that you have always used.  These compact fluorescent light bulbs are capable of lasting as many as 15,000 hours rather than the 800 hours that a normal light bulb will usually last for.  Not only do they last longer, but they also use up a lot less energy, saving you quite a bit of money in the long run both on your lighting bill, and your electric bill.

Heating and Cooling:

You can save several hundred dollars every year simply by keeping all of the external doors in your building closed as often as possible.  Leaving these doors open can waste a lot of heat, so aim to use the heat that you already have instead of letting it float right out the door.  By resetting your thermostats for cooling purposes, you can save as much as $60 every single year.  Cooling costs rise by as much as 20-percent for every degree lower that you set your thermostat.  And finally, by turning heating off when it is not required, such as at night, on weekends or when it simply is not cold, you can save as much as $700 in heating costs in a single year.  Program your thermostat to turn the heat off around thirty minutes before everyone is set to leave for the day, and you will be surprised at how much money you have saved at the end of the year.

Solatube Solar Sky Lighting Video:

Is your Business Going Green?

power-meter.jpgWhen it comes to effectively running a business of any kind, one of the largest focuses is on the bottom line.  Unfortunately, many businesses simply do not realize how much they can actually cut their overall energy costs simply by converting their energy usage to solar power.  There are several financial incentives involved when it comes to going solar, including net metering, tax incentives and even solar loans.

Net Metering – Many states in the United States are offering cost savings to businesses that go solar through net metering.  What this refers to, is state laws requiring utilities to purchase power which is generated by solar systems.  So if a business like yours is generating more solar energy than what is actually needed by the business, the building power meter will run backwards and the utility company will actually buy this excess solar energy.  If your business is only open on certain days of the week, any solar power that is generated while the office is using no energy will essentially create free money for the company.

Tax Incentives – Because most governments know that change can be initiated through economic benefits, they are often willing to grant tax incentives such as tax credits and tax deductions as a way to help businesses convert to solar energy.  Your business may see a tax credit or a tax deduction for as high as thirty-five percent of the cost of installing the solar energy system, which means a lot of money saved in the long run.

Solar Loans – There are even more benefits available to businesses that go solar, such as being allowed to participate in solar financing programs which are offered by many governments.  These loan programs generally offer incredible terms as a means of promoting this renewable energy source, and these programs make a lot of sense for any business regardless of whether they are just building or working on renovating their location.  You can typically find solar loans with between seven and ten year terms, with no interest or at least an extremely low interest rate.

At this point, if deciding to take your business solar is not the easiest decision that you ever made, you must not have truly considered all of the great benefits.  To benefit the health of the planet and the bottom line in your business, going solar may be the best financial decision ever made

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