Daily Green News is Big Business!

In today’s economy, going green brings in the green for many businesses.

Some companies profit from making the world better for the future by manufacturing products that lessen our dependence on fossil fuel and decrease emissions. By selling these products, they help the planet and create a profitable business. For other companies, going green brings in the green because it saves them money. For example, by using low-energy LEDs rather than conventional lighting, businesses are saving 80 percent in energy consumption over conventional lighting. In these scenarios, everyone wins.

Ebay is one company that has saved money by lessening its water consumption footprint. Smart water management delivered a “green” multiplier effect for the corporation. In other words, they saved not only by lowering the water bills, but also by saving energy, lowering carbon emissions, lowering sewer bills, cutting down on landscape replacement and by protecting the local ecosystems.

The electronics industry is increasing their recycling efforts, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. In this way, electronics companies are decreasing the piles of electronic waste in the landfills, while saving themselves money in purchasing raw materials.

Companies with an interest in going green are also saving money by using e-billing and cutting down on paper in offices. Just as the IRS has saved thousands, and perhaps millions, by encouraging taxpayers to utilize the more efficient electronic tax return, companies who bill electronically save paper, postage, and manhours that are normally spent opening mail and processing checks. With ebilling, payments are deposited directly into the company account.

Particularly with the current economic climate, going green makes great environmental sense, and it also makes great economic sense.


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