Desalinization Plants — Why not?

Apparently there’s quite a lot of hoopla going on over in Carlesbad, CA, about the idea of a desalinization plant.  Despite the fact that Southern California is on water rationing and imports a good deal of its water from other places, people are offended by the notion.  Some are honest and say they think it will be ugly and industrial, while others try to use the Environment as their defense.  This is to debunk the nonsense.

With global warming, ice masses are melting down into the ocean, diluting the salinity levels.  In the bigger picture, we don’t actually use up water anyway.  It serves as host to the vast majority of our chemical interactions, but the water comes right back on out of our bodies, evaporates from our swimming pools, goes into the water table from our lawns… By our hand, matter is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes form and location.  So what’s the big deal?  Can it really be harming the environment?  No, not really.  The salt can be iodized and used… same as if it were being dredged up from an inland salt flat (which is Mother Nature’s own desalinization plant.)

The real issues are being ignored, while people worry their heads over a “not in my back yard” issue.  Desalinization plants are being made and used all over the planet, with or without the U.S.’ permission.  Instead of worrying about separating salt from water in oceans that are rising and becoming more dilute anyway, how about we look at why a  representative from Guam is chairman of environmental issues here in the United States, instigating laws that will affect the mainland while having no true bearing on a non-state on the other side of the world?  Since when do territories get a vote or say in what we do here in the 50 states anyway?

There’s no sound reason to object to properly operated desalinization plants.  As the saying goes, there are far bigger fish to fry anyway.