Get Rid on Ants – Roaches: Do It Yourself Pest Control

Pests such as ants and roaches can drive a person mad. Almost everyone has dealt with them at one time or another. An inviting environment for a pest is usually a dirty one, but what a pest considers dirty is really not that dirty, unless you really look. Under furniture, cracks in the kitchen between the wall and floor, anywhere tiny food particles can be brushed into and not seen.

Ants and roaches eat organic, decomposing matter, which usually means germs. Roaches are especially good at spreading germs and disease. As they walk through, over, and in decomposing matter, germs will get stuck to their legs. From there they can spread the germs to where else they decide to go, which is usually everywhere they can. Ants are not as bad but equally as annoying and equally as evasive.

What makes matters worse is that sometimes the pest don’t even need food to invade your home, they want water. A leaky pipe under the counter, your pet’s water bowl, and even water sitting in the tub after a bath is all a pest such as an ant and roach will need to gather up their close family and distant relatives and have a party in your house!In most cases you don’t need to call a professional exterminator, there are plenty of options for ‘do it yourself pest control’.

Before the Invasion – If you know roaches and ants are in your area but have yet to see any, a gel or chalk such as Combat® Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel, Black Flag Ant and Roach Killing Chalk, and Grant’s Kills Ants & Roaches Bait Syringe can be used as the first line of defense in the smallest of cracks and crevices where they might squeeze into your home. The gel and chalk kills by contact or when ingested. Setting baits around the outside of the house is also very smart. Grant’s Kills Ants and Spiders Granules and Grants Ant Stakes will kill the pests before they enter your home.

During the Invasion – Once ants and roaches are in the home, fast acting and effective measures are needed to attract and kill the ants and roaches. Keep the home as clean as possible and set bait as their only source of food. Combat® Source Kill Max Small Roach Baits, Grants Kills Ants Bait Stations attracts and kills the ants and roaches as well as letting them take the food back to infect the rest of the nest creating a domino effect. The combination of bait and gel is designed for complete cockroach elimination and prevention. For immediate action, Bengal Roach Spray is a quick solution.

Video: How to Prevent Ants From Getting in House

For those with pets and children, Safer Brand Ant & Roach Killer, Poison-Free Aerosol Spray works just was well using an organic formula.There are many solutions for the ‘do it yourself pest control’ crowd, it just depends on how toxic you want to get. As the saying goes, “Pick your poison!”