Electric Bicycles: Green Cure to Urban Blues

Gas prices may have eased up quite a bit lately, but that’s still nearly twice the price of just 3 years ago.  As one might expect, people are still looking for ways to save money and reduce fuel costs.  One company has seen the future, and brings electric 2-wheeled transportation — lots of different kinds of it — to fill that need. Eco-Wheelz, in Plymouth, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, is the culprit behind it all. They’re bringing electric bikes, electric scooters and electric mopeds all to the market.

What’s the difference between the three groups. Electric bicycles largely resemble regular bicycles. They have pedals, an open frame, and sometimes a narrow basket (to hold the battery). Electric scooters are about the smallest, most energy efficient hybrid concept around. Each resembles a skateboard with handlebars. Some models have seats, while others ask the rider to stand, and propel the machine by pushing off with one’s foot, much as one would do with a skateboard. Small and very light, these could be idea for getting around in tight spaces and bringing up into the office with you. Electric Mopeds most closely resemble modern-day Vespa scooters or motorcycles. Each has a seat and handlebars, some sort of wind fairing, and, to keep them technically within the realm of bicycles, a mechanism that you can put pedals on.

Battery life is surprisingly good with all of these. It’s a realistic possibility to ride your electric bike to work. The Experts at EcoWheelz know their business, and are able to ship these anywhere in the country. Check out their site at Eco Wheelz