Glasstech Corporation

Glasstech Corporation has led innovation and problem solving in the auto-glass industry since 1971, and continues to head the industry into the new century.

Their innovative processes continue through today. For example, in 2000, they introduced the EPB-T systems that set the bar higher for sidelite glass, creating new industry standards. Plants using the EPB-T system are able to meet rigorous quality standards, such as those set by Volkswagen/Audi, and do it at a reasonable cost.

EPB-T stands for External Press Bender Tempering/Head strengthening system. It’s designed for creating and tempering the smaller pieces of glass in a automobile: the sidelite windows, sunroofs, and backlites. It’s an incredibly flexible and innovative system that can handle whatever the engineers throw at it. Complex part shapes are no problem for the EPB-T system.

For those with less demanding needs, Glasstech has other options available with fewer features and lower costs. For example, the original Quick Sag system, an industry breakthrough in 1979, is ideal for turning out glass with extremely high optical quality and highly precise tolerances when the requirement is for simpler shapes. The system can even be modified to accommodate single or double side exit models in a manufacturing facility.

Glasstech systems can handle any process, such as roller hearth transport, bending in the heat, horizontal processing minus the long tong marks, flexible precision tooling, modular construction, prototype production, and auto glass inspector.

Glasstech is the recognized leader in automotive glass production systems. Their equipment is known for its dependability, reliability and versatility. For flexibility, precise tolerances, the highest quality glass with the best safety ratings, Glasstech systems are the answer.


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