Kyocera Solar Company Review

Kyocera is one of the top suppliers of solar energy products around the world. One of the greatest appeals of Kyocera Solar is their vertical integration. They know solar intimately, and are involved in the development, manufacture, installation and upkeep of solar panels and products.

Kyocera’s solar division has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has regional sales offices around the Americas and Australia.

Customers of Kyocera around the world have improved their lives because of the solar electricity provided by the electric systems Kyocera produces. The panels are often installed in third world countries where energy production is limited. Families often light their homes, use a telephone, or experience television for the first time after a solar energy system is installed. Sometimes these systems allow a family or a village to drink clean water for the first time.

The advantage of these panels is that they can be installed anywhere, meaning they are not tied to the traditional electric grid. This opens up incredible possibilities for providing electricity to remote and underserved areas.

Kyocera Solar has two major divisions; one that works with industrial customers and one that works with Kyocera Solar’s fleet of authorized distributors and dealers around the world. These dealers create relationships and solve energy problems for individual homeowners.

Kyocera Solar is part of the Kyocera Corporation with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

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