Solar wifi repeater – solar power wifi extender – Green WiFi

Meraki Solar recently announced that they’ve taken the first ever solar-powered WiFi mesh device to market. Public places will now be able to use the Meraki system to provide a WiFi hotspot in places where it would have been difficult, costly, and expensive to do before. With their system, the need for cables is all but gone, so WiFi can be provided easily most anywhere!

Meraki SolarThe unit comes with both a solar panel and a Lithium battery, so it is able to store the sun’s energy even even if it’s not in use at the time! The unit is entirely self-contained, compact and convenient. Just put it on a wall, a post, a fence — anywhere you find some sun!

Sanjit Biswas, the CEO of Meraki, said that Meraki Solar allows customers to “deploy wireless in hard-to-wire areas quickly and without disrupting their businesses.”

Prices for the solar-powered repeater range from $848 to $1,497. No, that’s not cheap, but it eliminates the substantial expense of running electricity to a remote location, (sometimes the most expensive part of the entire installation,) making it less expensive than a hardwired installation. The company also provides a web-based Dashboard, so you’re able to monitor the battery’s charging status.

Suffering from sticker-shock?  Meraki is also offering a solar-powered repeater which will extend the range of your home or office Wi-Fi by as much as 700 meters — for a total of less than $150!

Solar powered WiFi systems aren’t a brand new thing, but Meraki’s all-in-one commercial solution is the first of its kind, and promises to be considerably more practical than previous piecemeal combinations have been, and it’s all Going Green!

Look forward to finding a WiFi signal in more remote locations in the near future!