Wind Power – Mexico Gets Windy

On January 22, 2009, Mexico flipped the switch, turning on one of the world’s largest wind farms. Mexico has been relying almost exclusively on petroleum for its energy needs. This demonstrates that Mexico is serious in their hunt for alternative energy sources to replace falling oil production, a drop which caused a 9.2 percent loss. Spanish companies seem to be its first choice for energy partners.

Mexico’s President Filipe Calderon notes that “If we don’t do something about this problem of climate change it probably could become – I’m sure it already is – one of the biggest threats to humanity.”

The new, $550 million project has been placed in an ideal location. Situated on a thin isthmus directly between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, it is certain to get plenty of breezes. In fact, the main town in the area is called “La Ventosa.”

Oddly enough, La Ventosa was in the news earlier this month as well. A Canadian company, Riverside Resources, Inc., purchased over a thousand acres of land which is being mined for gold. Though that may seem impressive, Riverside and an associate investor company will still only be putting in a bit over a million USD into the project per year — a small fraction of the investment Mexico has made in their first large wind turbine project.

We wish our southern neighbors well, and hope that they’ll continue to invest in passive alternative energy resources.