Morocco launches the largest wind farm in Africa

On June 28, 2010, it was announced that Morocco has inaugurated a $3.13 million USD wind farm in Melloussa, which is near the major port city of Tangiers, just across the Straits of Gibraltar. The king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, presided over the festivities of this important event.

In all, the wind farm has 165 turbines able to produce 140 megawatts of power by the wind alone. Like the Spain and the U.A.E., Morocco is demonstrating that they are increasingly forward-thinking about non-petroleum energy sources. A recently released draft proposes another wind plant, at a cost of $3.5 billion USD. This, coupled with the newly inaugurated wind farm near Tangiers, would bring the country’s reliance upon renewable power up to 42% by the beginning of the next decade.

When a more prosperous nation develops such technologies, this is an enlightened perspective. For a country like Morocco to do so, when so much of their nation is much less financially prosperous, it is a noteworthy commitment to a Greener world. Join us in congratulating His Highness for the vision, and the people of Maroc for this milestone development!


One Response to “Morocco launches the largest wind farm in Africa”

  1. BENARI HAKIM on August 29th, 2010 9:44 pm

    Thank you for your congratulation and support. Yes Morocco is the only North African country who relies on imported oil and gas for its energy. The government under the leadership of the king Mohamed VI is doing its best to develop moroccan economy. Morocco is the best african country in all sectors…unique nation, old civilization and great and wise people…

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