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Nanosolar of Palo Alto, California is emerging as the world leader in solar energy technology. The companies solar electricity panel production utilizing a unique printing technique, delivers cost efficiency, enabling applications to deliver green power on an expanded basis.

The offset printing press combined with a proprietary Nanoparticle ink (which Nanosolar owns the processes and designs to) produce the world’s most cost-efficient solar cells and deliver them in many versatile product forms. Solar cells can now be printed on flexible sheets of metal or plastic, and fabrics in rolls which can be applied to large surfaces.

Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are among the prominent investors in the companies Thin-film solar cell technology. Other noted investors in Nanosolar include Mohr Davidow Ventures and Benchmark Capital. Nanosolar holds at least 42 patents on the technology. Contributers from the scientific community include Stanford professor Michael McGehee, a leading expert on photovoltaic technology, and the University of California at Berkeley.