New Jersey Orders a Billion Dollars worth of Wind Turbines

Did you hear? Seems New Jersey is going to lead the way in wind turbine electricity. They’ve ordered a billion dollars worth of wind turbines, which they’re having installed 20 miles offshore. The expectation is that these turbines will be able to provide electricity for 250,000 to half a million homes (depending on the time of day, and the homes’ consumptions.)! That’s a lot of juice!

Why so far off? They wanted to avoid the whole NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) objection. From that distance, it’ll take one heck of a clear day to see anything at all. Even on a clear day, they’ll be tiny little things, wafer-thin, and nothing for anyone to object to. There may even be more (and more consistent) wind that far out offshore, which would mean greater production.

Way to go, New Jersey! The governor may be going out a very little bit on a limb by placing them offshore like that, but it’s hardly a new method. Fact is, they’re already in existence in Europe. Flying out of Amsterdam towards the UK and the United States, one can see the offshore wind farms as the plane climbs out. They’re actually quite streamlined, not at all ugly. The waters there are shallow, though. Perhaps the placement is also taking the water’s depth and other conditions into consideration as well. The state is to be commended for taking the initiative. It’s about time the East coast was one to lead the charge towards environmentally friendly actions!