Obama’s E.P.A. To Re-examine Bush’s Coal Policies

As most people know, in his final hours, ex-President GW Bush’s administration threw a few extra wrenches in the protecting of the natural resources of the nation.  From unlikely oil leases near some of the most pristine parts  of the nation, to carte blanche for coal mining operations and extremely suspect orders that give the USFWS nearly unlimited and  broad-reaching power over what to deem safe to molest.

Recent orders from President Obama’s administration put these last minute actions on hold, while they’re examined and appraised.  If it is determined that they were not acting in the best interest of the People of the United States, it’s likely they’ll be countermanded altogether.  That President Obama would make such an order demonstrates that the U.S. is clearly in much safer, more responsible hands. 

What’s at risk?  Polar bears,  land near National Parks, and now this latest examination of Bush’s instructions that the E.P.A. should NOT consider the effects of pollution when deciding on regulations regarding coal-generated power plants.   Go ahead and blink along with the rest of us as we reread it.  Bush did that?  Yes, he did. 

The past eight years have been hell on the environment.  The previous President clearly held the extremely unscientific view that it doesn’t matter what we do. Lisa Smith, the incoming E.P.A. Administrator, is a breath of fresh air, in that she will have the government looking at the facts and realities, rather than rubber-stamping anything that stands to make money. Obviously, we’re glad to see this. The toll of using carbon-based fuels is clearly unacceptable as well as unnecessary. Some say that the coal and oil industries will take a hit in such circumstances. It’s hard to imagine any other result, but that changes nothing. Plantation owners took a hit, per se, as well, when their ability to own other human beings was revoked as well.

Investing in Green energy sources will make this issue all the more obsolete. It is important that Green energy supporters continue to be outspoken. So long as President Obama continues to have support for this change of direction, he is able to continue to carry us into a new energy age.