Wind Power – Pakistan Gets First Wind Turbine

Zorlu Enerji Group installed the very first wind turbine generator in Pakistan on Wednesday, December 3, 2008, in Jamphir, Sindh. The 100 meter tall unit (over 300 feet high) is completely installed, and expected to start generating power before the end of the year. This is a big step forward for Pakistan, where approximately 1/3 of their population has no access to electricity whatsoever.

Zorlu Energy Group spokesperson said they will build the very first wind farm in Pakistan as well. The first phase is expected to be completed by January, 2009, and will provide electricity to 60,000 households. The plant will reach it’s full 50 MW capacity with the second phase. Plans are in place to eventually increase the farm’s capacity to 300 WM, which is comparable to the abilities of the Kanupp nuclear power plant. Even with the nuclear plant, half of the country has been subject to blackouts, further reinforcing the need for this wind farm.

Several risks are involved in a project of this kind in this location. There is considerable political risk, and the project must be prepared to weather social unrest, terroist attack, natural disasters… and yet most of this would also be true anywhere in the world, including southern California. Furthermore, the bureaucracy of Pakistan is very friendly towards alternative energy sources. and investors enjoy a transparent regulatory environment.

Pakistan’s combined generation is currently at 20K MW. 61% is produced by public sector, while 39 % is produced by private investors. Pakistan welcomes alternative energy potentials.

Zorlu Holding is one of the largest and leading groups in Turkey and it has been active in the energy sector through the nine companies of the Zorlu Energy Group since 1993.