Pickens Plan Leads in A Direction – Going Green?

For the past year or so, the PickensPlan.com site has been gathering alternate energy enthusiasts into the fold.  The brainchild of a former oil baron who has since turned to natural gas and wind turbines, the first order of business with Pickens is to get the U.S. free of dependence on foreign oil, and to stop sending hundreds of billions of dollars out of the country when we could be keeping that money here in the States simply by switching to a much cleaner domestic fuel.

What has happened since is something nigh unto amazing.  The sheer volume of interest and support, the levels and degrees to which people have become involved, would be extraordinary in any other time.  It’s still leadership, even in this unusual and historic election year.  But in what direction?

Boone Pickens would have us all switch over to natural gas for the interum, while we devise other functional alternatives.  But that would require massive infrastructure changes, and at least some of the economic advantage would be lost as demand on natural gas increased.  To be sure, it’s better than the status quo, but is it a broad enough vision?  Some within the Pickens Plan fold are clear in their vision of a world which no longer uses the combustion engine at all.  Their wisdom is that we must disallow any fossil fuel, and focus all of our considerable intellect on optimizing passive energy sources such as tide, wind, and sun’s energies.  In focusing upon these totally clean technologies, they insist, we will be doing more than putting a band-aid on oil by merely switching to natural gas.  This is still within the Pickens Plan fold, but goes at a different angle than Boone suggested.

What direction do you suggest we take with our alternatives to foreign oil?