Solar Chargers – Battery chargers for your portable electronics

If you’ve got a cell phone, for example, chances are pretty good that you’ve been on the phone during a busy day and gotten that pestering BEEP! which informs you that you’re almost out of battery power. You try to talk faster, try to get a word in edgewise, to warn the caller, but before you can finish the call — nothing. Dead. Gone. Run to the charger in the car? Run to the charger in the house? And if you’re out camping, or don’t care to be attached to the car battery? Leaving the car running to recharge your phone just isn’t always possible, even if it wasn’t expensive and wasteful and polluting.

Brunton SolarRoll Solar Panel

Brunton has your solution. Small solar chargers, designed to be flexible and portable, can recharge your phone, your MP3 player, your iPod, your digital camera, portable GPS, camcorder… When you think of all the gadgets and devices we have these days, it’s pretty crazy to NOT have a solar powered charger along. Even if the sky is overcast, these Brunton chargers will still be able to charge your devices back up.

Brunton Solarport 4.4

There are several models. Some can even be linked together to make a more powerful array and recharge your toys and tools faster. One of them is specifically designed to keep your iPod powered up all vacation long! Go over to and check out the solar chargers. Make your energy solutions Green!