Solar Energy-Photovoltaic Tiles-house and home applications

home-solar.jpgSolar power is believed to be the cleanest and the most viable of all forms of renewable energy that is currently available.  Solar power can be used in several different forms in order to bring power to your home or business.  For example, many gardens are now using water or light features which are powered completely by solar energy.  Because solar power use in gardens is becoming so popular, people are beginning to finally understand how versatile solar power truly can be when it comes to providing an eco-friendly and naturally renewable source of energy.  The technology behind this power source is becoming more compact and smaller, which is making it much more inexpensive to utilize in a variety of applications.  During the 1980s, there were more than enough solar panels to power more than 10 million homes in California.

Photovoltaic Tiles

Photovoltaic tiles, as well as some other solar energy forms, work simply by converting some of the energy created by sunlight into a form of electricity which is clean and can be used within homes.  Photovoltaic or PV cells consist of both a positive and a negative silicon slice which is placed under glass.  The electrons are knocked off the silicon as the sunlight’s protons beat down onto this PV cell.  The free electrons, which are negatively charged, are attracted and then trapped within the magnetic field before being caught to form an electric current when connected within a circuit.

This current must be passed through an inverter before it can become an Alternating current, as it is a Direct Current as a result of the reaction.  Alternating current is the type of current that we use within our homes to power electrical items such as televisions, refrigerators and other appliances and electronics.  A small portion of the power is lost during this conversion process, because the inverter is typically only around 95-percent efficient, but this is still a very large improvement over solar energy technology of the past.

The Photovoltaic tiles are created in such a way that there is little if any maintenance involved at any point.  Because there are no moving or breakable parts, a single Photovoltaic cell can last for upwards of forty years with no work other than an occasional cleaning.  Photovoltaic cells should be cleaned at least annually to ensure that they continue to function as they are meant to.

Powering the Home

There are several different things that you can do to make use of solar power within your home, and not all of them involve actual powering.  For example, you can heat your water, your pool or even your home using a grid-tie system.  Grid-tie systems allow you to sell your excess energy back to the grid after using the rest to power your entire house.  There is no reason that you cannot power your home as much as 75-percent to 100-percent if you run an energy efficient household.  With an energy-efficient household and a decent solar power system, you may never have to pay for electricity again!