Going Green-Solar Energy Storage Batteries

One of the big concerns about Solar energy is how to store it.  That’s a valid concern.  So far, batteries are large, heavy, environmentally messy, and need replacing every 4 years or so.  Well, that’s actually the best case scenario, the GOOD version.  Fact is, the batteries are often much more problematic than that, require a lot of maintenance and repair/exchange during those four years as well.  What, then, are the answers?  Well, if you’re on-grid, you can sell it back to the power company.  What if you’re off-grid?

A couple concepts come to mind.  One is a capacitor.  We’d have to figure out a way to do a controlled discharge of the electricity, but large capacitors are nowhere near as heavy, nor do they damage the environment the way that lead batteries do.  The other is to store the heat from the sun, not just electricity.  There is a french company making a VERY well insulated hot water heater, for example.  Their 6′x6′ panel, combined with that water heater, keeps water steaming hot all night long!  The savings would be enormous… and no electric bills in the meantime!  And it’s not only feasible in warm-weather places.  Cold weather places still get the sun’s rays as well.  Just takes a bit of effort and ingenuity to use the sun’s rays to our benefit all the time!