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In a market that’s becoming increasingly Green, and a world that’s quickly realizing they’ll need to keep up the good work to stay on top, Solio’s innovative designs continue to capture the leading edge of their market.  For the price of a OEM laptop charger, you can get one of Solio’s USB-based hybrid chargers that will capture electricity form the sun’s rays, or from a wall outlet, and keep it for you in a battery that lasts up to a full year!  Some of these clever compact designs have fold-away solar panels, making a small football when they’re stored away.  Solio even offers color options — how cool is that?!

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You do have other choices besides their Classic solar battery charger.  The H1000 is fitted into a neat concise case that’s just under 2″ wide by 8″ long, and integrated into into a caribiner and cable assembly that can be recharged with the sun or a USB port attached to your computer.  Every Solio hybrid charger comes with a variety of interchangeable tips and interfaces, with other optional connectors  as well, making them some of the top rated portable solar laptop chargers.

Solio® Hybrid 1000™ – Never be caught without a chClever as that is, innovative though it may be, that doesn’t give you the term “leading edge” in our book.  But their new Magnesium Edition offers increased power, more efficient solar cells, and packs it all into a magnesium case that’s a mere 1.5″ wide by 4″ long!  Traditional wall-mount battery chargers are at LEAST that big!

With these compact solar choices available to you, there’s no need to worry about bringing extra batteries, running the car and an inverter, or any of the other ecologically compromised second choices.  Solio solar battery chargers continues to be on the leading edge of the Going Green revolution!