Going Green Tax Incentives for Alternative Energy Create Jobs

Tax Incentives for Alternative Energy Technologies Create Jobs! 

True story.  The bailout bill of 2008 included some $150 billion in alternative energy incentives.  Not only do those keep solar and wind farms viable, but they also stimulate growth in many other sectors as well.  Take a look at Tesla Motors, the California-based company producing electric cars.  Building electric vehicles may seem like space technology or something for the uber-rich, but it’s not.  In fact, even though there have been a few rough starts, Tesla’s plant in Northern California means thousands of new jobs being created to manufacture those vehicles… and not just the sports car either!  Tesla and others are building cars that will retail for about $16,000 and take you to and from work and the store on pennies a day! 

Wind and Solar farms will also create new jobs, and even more technologies to utilize them and convert our existing devices and technologies over to electric use.  Many of the cars we already have can be repowered to work as full-time electric cars.  There’s even a company making cars that run on compressed air!  Those awesome innovations and far more are ahead, spurred into existence by these Federal tax incentives and state and local government investments into alternative energy sources.  It really is amazing how much we can do, and how quickly we’re doing it, now that we’ve begun to put our heads to it!