Tidal Energy-Alternate Power Source

Tidal Energy or tidal power, is created when the flow of water moves in the incoming and outgoing tide. There are two types of tidal energy that can be created for naturally created power. The first type is referred to as kinetic power. Its the energy generated as water moves in flowing rivers or ocean tides. Harnessing this kinetic tidal energy requires utilizing a turbine to produce the green energy. You can compare this process to the power generated by windmills, except there is water turning the turbine instead of wind.

This is a popular alternate energy because of the minimal impact on the surrounding ecology. In terms of harnessing hydro electricity it has much less impact than the building of dams. Nations around the world are looking toward their coastal areas to generate sustainable power via kinetic tidal power. The advantage is the consistent and predictable flow of water energy, as the tidal movement is a constant.

The efficiency of tidal energy depends on the tides rise and fall during the normal tidal cycle, dictated by the lunar cycle. Certain regions have a greater tidal swing, and all coastal areas experience varied tide heights throughout the monthly cycle. For optimal power generation a tidal energy facility needs to be place at the right location. In addition, the location needs to be located within a reasonable distance to a power collection facility so that the energy can be transferred to the grid for consumption.