Going Green – To Make An Omelette (Part 2 of 2)

VIDEO: Full of Hot Air?

(Continued from Dec. 4, 2008′s “Bustin’ Some Eggs” in the Energy News section)

Fuel prices have fallen sharply. Earlier this year, we saw $150 a barrel for crude, and over $4 a gallon at the pumps. In the past quarter, that has dropped to just over $41 a barrel (yesterday) and gasoline is well below $2 a gallon all across the nation. A part of this is supply and demand, but we would be foolish not to recognize that it’s the only smart strategy left for oil producing nations. When gasoline was crushing our budgets, causing everything we buy to increase dramatically, it seems we finally found wisdom, realized that we cannot afford this petroleum addiction. By keeping gas prices low, the oil producers hope out of sight will be out of mind, and we’ll forget the lessons of the first half of this year. We must not allow ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security. Of course OPEC would rather have $40 a barrel than nothing for their oil. Once we are independent of their petrol, it will be nearly worthless, so they’ll do whatever it takes to keep us strung along. It is on us not to forget, to continue to develop alternative energy solutions as though our lives depended upon it. They do.

No transition happens without growing pains. You’ve gotta break some eggs to make an omelette, as they say. Let’s begin to see these pains as a badge of honor, a first-hand proof that we’re growing past the juvenile fossil fuel existence that brought us out of the Dark Ages. The time has come for us to leave that in our past as we head into maturity. Let us not look upon solar panels and wind turbines as eyesores, but as a symbol of our freedom from dependence upon foreign oil, our liberation from the filthy toxic pollution that threatens our very existence. Indeed, we’re going through some growing pains but, if you’ll pardon the mixing of metaphors, we’re on our way to making one beautiful and delicious omelette.