Going Green Festivals A Hit!

Across America this summer, you’ll be seeing Green Festivals.  Seattle’s was March 28th and 29th.  We just had one in Denver on May 2nd and 3rd, and another is scheduled in Chicago for May 16th and 17th.  DC has theirs October 10th and 11th, San Francisco’s is November 13-15.  It’s an exciting concept that is taking hold!

What exactly is a Green Festival?  A convention of sorts, where people can share ideas and products that make the world a greener place to be.  Everything from bicycles (and e-bikes) to energy-efficient gizmos and kitchen gadgets, to the latest in solar, hydro and wind generators, insulation, etc. — it’s all there, and it’s all about going Green(er)!

Is some of this just about selling you stuff?  You betcha, it is!  And some of it may seem pretty overpriced.  Then again, riding a bike instead of driving, using a manual can-opener instead of an electric one, things like this actually SAVE you money — a LOT of money, if you think about it!

By the way, you don’t need to wait and drive to attend one of those Green Festivals.  This is grass-roots.  There’s nothing wrong with having your own Green Festival right there in your home town.  Talk about recycling (which starts at home, by reusing the containers, for example.)  Talk about more energy-efficient vehicles, electronics, construction techniques.  Talk about generating your own electricity passively, with non-combustion means.  Talk about bringing your own reuseable bags rather than taking them home from the grocery store so they can become a mess in the land fills, lakes, streams and oceans of the world.  Think local and global, but act locally.  These are changes you can make, and you can make a very real difference!

We’re very pleased to see Green Festivals.  They show us that the message is taking hold, that people really are taking Going Green seriously, that changes are in the works and we’re learning, walking the talk!   Let’s keep on rolling towards a Green country and planet!

For More visit www.greenfestivals.org