Green Jobs Give Hope to the Unemployed

All across the nation, local trade schools and colleges are teaching the unemployed about green technologies. They’re learning to perform solar panel installations and repairs, wind turbine maintenance, and all manner of other services relating to renewable energy. The Federal stimulus package, which provides tens of billions of dollars for renewable energy sources, is allowing colleges to expand their curriculum to provide that training. Both unemployed workers and the schools themselves are hopeful that the Obama administration’s dedication to alternative energy will soon bring millions of good jobs for non-degree workers. Amongst those new jobs will be the thousands to be employed to retrofit Federal buildings and public housing projects so that they comply with higher energy efficiency standards.

According to the American Solar Energy Society, renewable energy generated some 500,000 jobs, producing some $43 billion in domestic revenues during 2007. Energy-efficiency was responsible for 8.6 million jobs and $1 trillion in revenues during that same year. The ASES’ study projects that somewhere bertween 16 million and 37 million jobs will be created in these industries by 2030. The range is expected to depend upon the Federal administration’s policies regarding Green energy. All in all, a very promising future!

Nothing is guaranteed, though, including Green employment in the future. With or without a degree, much still depends on both Industry and the demands of the public. If a corporation determines that it is even marginally more cost-effective to continue to use dirty techologies, unless there is an incentive earmarked for them, chances are that they’ll continue to pollute and forego the costs of upgrading their facilities.

We’re of the belief that renewable energy is our only future. You build it, they will come.