The Gatsby Hollywood-Los Angeles Green Community

MasterCraft Homes is behind the genius of The Gatsby Hollywood, a neighborhood which is designed from the ground up to be a Green, or ecologically friendly, community. All of the homes share a number of Green advantages and features. For example, they’re built from recycled products, and very well insulated, to keep the heat and cool in the buildings. Each home has an array of solar panels, which is a smart move considering that L.A. has LOTS of sun and California has lots of rebate incentives for solar installations.

Amongst the designs of this Hollywood community is that the homes are tied into the grid, which allows the solar productivity of the home’s array to be fed back into the grid, running the meter backwards, per se, which offsets any on-grid energy which might be used during a high demand time period. Theoretically, one could have no electric usage at all. At this time, though it is unclear, it is not likely that the power companies will be issuing checks to the homeowners for power generated in excess of their overall use, (a Florida city is approaching a vote to do just that,) but it’s still a step in the right direction.

Other smart moves include using Energy Star certified appliances, dual pane windows, and energy-efficient lighting. There’s also a computerized monitoring system to keep the homes operating at peak energy efficiency, and alert the homeowners and the developer in case there is a problem. It is expected that data gained from this monitoring will help make even more efficient homes in the future.

As Kermit would say, it’s good to be Green! Cudos to the developers and to Hollywood for leading by example.