Iraq “Loses” 18 BILLION Dollars in U.S. Donations to corruption, theft, etc.

No mistake.  Not thousands, or millions, not misplaced.  Thirteen billion dollars is gone, and now they’re “quietly” firing the oversight committee, trying to cover up the huge “oops.”

I’m getting more than a little bit tired of Iraq. I’m tired of us occupying them, and I’m tired of hearing how they can’t pull their heads out from between their cheeks and act like adults.

US military Specialist Colby Buzzell was blogging from Iraq years ago, telling us of how they’d run for the high country when a firefight broke out, leaving our GIs to take on the Insurgents lobbing bombs on US and Iraqi targets…. and of how our own government was telling the press other versions to keep from embarrassing them. Talk about coddling!

It has been years, and trillions of dollars have been poured into Iraq, and the gush — not leak — of money continues to pour into that country. If we kept our money at home, how many millions of millionaires would have been made? How many families would never have to work again, if that money stayed at home? How many wind turbines would that buy us, taking us that closer to energy independence? And that’s just the thirteen billion that they “lost”!

After we dump all of this money into their country (when our own economy is falling like a rock from the sky,) they still don’t have infrastructure. They still don’t feel safe sending their kids to school. They still don’t have clean water. They still aren’t safe or ready to take over their own nation… and they have gotten a lot more from us than many African and other remote nations.

A part of me has been blaming us. After all, we invaded them, and had no legit basis to do so. We’ve also made reparations. LOTS of money. Enough to rebuild their capital many times over, at THEIR labor and material rates. Haliburton has scarfed up a good share of that money and failed to deliver what they were paid for. (Thanks again, Mr. Chaney. I hope your great-grandchildren appreciate the obscene wealth we’ve given them.)

Now I’m hearing that they’ve “lost” 13 BILLION dollars of our money, money given to them to repair their country. Apparently some of it was Lost to theft, corruption, embezzzlement, etc., but it’s unaccounted for now. Not 18 million, but 18 BILLION dollars, just Gone.

Iraq is an oil producing nation. Until just weeks ago, we were being choked by the neck on oil prices, and this oil producing nation hardly needs our money. They can produce millions of dollars of oil per day. They can afford to rebuild their own country, and to do so far better than we can, at this point.

I have compassion for the people who have had their homes and nation turned into a war zone. I do. And I want the best for them. But before that can happen, they have to want it for themselves.

They LOST thirteen billion dollars? Thirteen BILLION dollars? I keep on repeating that over and over again in my head, but repeating that incredible figure doesn’t make me any less shocked by the notion. How do you “LOSE” that much money? Where did it go? What did it buy? Who got it all?

I’ve had it. I want us out of there, and let them sleep in whatever bed they make. I no longer care, not even a little bit, if they get taken over by warlords. They’ve had every opportunity to give themselves Freedom and Democracy. Their actions show that they’ve rejected those opportunities. Sure, they want us to keep giving them money. Hell, *I* want my government to hand me just one percent of the money given to Iraq. I’d be laughing out loud uncontrollably for weeks, then giggling for decades after that.

If a government can manage to lose thirteen BILLION of our dollars, they don’t need our money anymore. I can already hear the objections, that the thefts were performed by a few, and the common people shouldn’t be made to suffer. They don’t have to suffer. All they’ve got to to do is rise up and take their country back again. We’ve rid them of the Evil Dictator. We’ve rid them of the largest part of the insurgents. Now it is up to them to flail their arms til they learn to swim.

What do you think? Tell me here. Then tell your Senators and other representatives. I can understand misplacing 13 thousand, maybe, but thirteen BILLION dollars? That was the last straw.